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HAMAG-BICRO actively promotes foreign investments in Croatian SME sector. As part of our effort we have compiled an investment catalogue that contains private companies which are looking for equity investments from strategic and/or institutional investors. Listed on this webpage is a selection of investment opportunities from our investment catalogue that is intended to give potential investors more insight into the type of projects that are looking for financing. For more information about these and other investment opportunities please contact us via email at investments@hamagbicro.hr.


Sector: Industry, Machining

Vane machine

The company is an innovation leader in production of vane machines. Improved performance from their products may be applied in all vane machine applications including: pneumatic tools, compressors, expanders for hydrogen fuel cells, pumps (especially vacuum pumps), starters for large diesel engines, and compressors for air precompression in internal combustion engines (i.e. superchargers). The combined effects of the technical improvements have resulted in a dramatically improved power efficiency of the company’s vane machine conservatively recorded at ~ 30% to 50% (with optimal results in the ~ 80% to 100% range) compared to other machines of similar size. These impressive results have been confirmed via testing on a Swiss made eddy current dynamometer Magtrol 2WB65 machine and by customers on the market.

The company is seeking to find partner who is willing to invest via joint venture in development and manufacturing of other applications of the vane machine.


Sector: Industry, Robotics

Investment size: EUR 3-5 MILLION

Machine Robotics

For the last 22 years the company has been implementing the latest technologies in providing specialised construction engineering services. In that period the company became known as a wanted partner capable of responding to any project or facility requirement to deliver a solution and a functional, high-quality, economic performance. Driven by experience in finding solutions for real problems in civil engineering the company started with the development of specialised robots for hydrodynamic treatment of concrete and metal surfaces.

After five years of intensive development and every-day application of own concepts in job delivery, the company successfully completed its first commercial robot for hydrodynamic treatment of concrete and metal surfaces. Robots can be used for surface treatment jobs in construction, shipbuilding, nuclear energy facilities as well as chemical and oil industry. Due to its compact design and advanced systems robots are a very effective solution for different tasks that require autonomous operation in hazardous environments. The company has developed Advanced Guiding Systems that enable their robots to work autonomously without constant input from the operator making them automated in completing on site jobs.


Sector: Home appliances, Smart Home

Investment size: USD 0.5 – 0.75 MILLION

Smart sofa

Armed with a vision and long-time experience in home automation, during 2010. the company started developing home automation system, which included complete development of software (Cloud, Android and iOS applications), and corresponding hardware.

The company’s home automation system represents a smart solution for energy efficient and safe homes, with an affordable price and adaptable to any user.

The system connects and manages almost all technical systems in living space used for housing. The equipment is based on wireless technologies, making this solution applicable in any type of home. No construction work or changes on existing installations is required. Income is generated through subscription fees, hardware and installation. Subscription fee is the major profit-driver and is dependent upon on the type of sales channel. The company will use new funding to accelerate business expansion primarily through sales and marketing activities and working capital.


Sector: Construction, Innovative and smart building

Investment size: EUR 1.5 MILLION


The company has developed an innovative construction technology that will improve performance in terms of economics of construction, environmental protection and energy efficiency. It is an innovative new Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) solution (patented worldwide in 68 countries) which can increase building margins for building concrete walls/ceilings. It improves the current building technology by simplifying the production and avoiding transport of building elements (concrete mold) and by offering greater building flexibility. In comparison with standard ICF systems, innovative construction technology has separated the production of insulating formwork and plastic ties in order to make possible shuttering installation on site (resulting in various thicknesses of the concrete core and outer insulation), lower production costs and allow for a more multifunctional product.

Company’s innovative construction technology is patented World Wide; Nikola Tesla Award, WIPO Award Certificate, Green Mark – sign of excellence, ETA (European Technical Approval).

Sector: Biofuel production (pellet production)

Investment size: EUR 4.8 MILLION


The company specialized in development and management of renewable energy and cogeneration power plants projects. Currently, it is developer and investor in two biomass energy plants and two pellets factories of equal capacities at the location of Croatian cities Županja and Benkovac. The projects include the construction and implementation of pellets factory with the capacity of 6 tons pellets per hour. Total annual production of pellets is estimated at 45.000 tons. Pellets are biofuel produced from chipped trees (renewable energy source) and are used in specially adopted stoves and boilers for production of thermal energy. The company has secured the construction land, located next to cogeneration energy plant which will supply pellets factory with clean thermal energy at competitive prices. A long term heat supply will be agreed for a period of 14 years. The company has already signed the contract for raw material (wood logs and biomass) supply with the institution specialized in wood logs and wood biomass trade. There is also signed letter of intent for selling the whole produced quantity of pellets.

Pellets factory project is in the stage of location permit acquiring and end of construction works is expected to occur in February 2014. We will be able to start with first delivery of goods in March 2014.

Sector: Renewable energy, Solar

Investment size: EUR 4-6 MILLION

Solar Panels

The company is a photovoltaic modules producer based in Croatia and it has been present on the global market since 2009. Production is based on the strict quality control criteria and the usage of top quality raw materials obtained from the world’s leading producers. The company has a significant experience with turnkey solutions as well, as this type accounts for almost 50% of all installations in Croatia. The range of standard products is wide and divided into two designs: the polycrystalline version and the monocrystalline version. Specifically, the company is one of only few companies in Europe manufacturing special and custom designed modules with different power, cell, back sheet or frame color. This is quite important with the EU – China panel dispute, duties and export cap the EU has imposed on Chinese solar panel makers to alleviate the effect of their dumping prices. The company will use new funding to accelerate growth primarily through capacity expansion.

Sector: Carbon and graphite production

Investment size: EUR 50 MILLION

Activated Carbon

The project is targeted at highly profitable production of strategically important raw materials like synthetic graphite, carbon black and activated carbon that are produced in adherence with ecological principles. The production process is based on a newly developed environmentally oriented plant system – the ACTS (Advanced Carbon Technology System), which uses waste steel-rubber composites (e.g.used tyres,rubber chains etc.) as raw material. This plant will be the first facility of its kind in the world. In the whole waste tyre recycling process there is no pollution or emissions that can pollute the environment.

The annual production volume will be around 3,000 tonnes of synthetic graphite and 7,000 tonnes of activated carbon produced from one initial raw material – waste tyres. The entire production process generates its own energy supply since all the electrical power needed to operate the plant is produced from extracted oil and gas, which significantly reduces the cost of production. The project location in the industrial area of Vukovar in Croatia has been chosen due to its geostrategic and economic benefits.

The majority of all carbon raw materials (excluding diamonds) come from the Asian market (40% of the total volume of traded carbon black and activated carbon comes from China) and the global demand can no longer be covered from this source. The EU is currently in a very vulnerable position. China is becoming more efficient with graphite mining and using less hazardous materials for processing. The result is high price volatility and less material available for export. Buyers outside China will have no choice but to eventually find supplies elsewhere.

Sector: Medical Engineering, Medical Devices Development

Investment size: USD 5 MILLION

Medical equipment

The company’s cryo-thermal therapy devices are differentiated from its competitors by their innovative design and technology. This enables hot/cold therapy directly to the point of treatment on the subject’s body with extreme precision and respect to safety. The company also offers anatomical wraps that can be easily attached to the treatment area and a base unit that precisely controls temperatures in the wraps. The base units use a special refrigeration technology which avoids the use of water and ice allowing faster and it allows more hygienic and more efficient means of delivering hot/cold temperatures.

The units are fully computerized, with easy-to-use touch screen and user controls for managing the device and treatment settings. The computer technology also features automated, preset treatment, computer interfaces with clinic or hospital systems (Cerna and others), remote monitoring of the device via Internet and data transfer via USB port. Company’s growth plan is aimed at scaling product rollout across the US and Europe, initially with a few select products and later by providing leasing sales and services.


Sector: Tourism Industry, Hotel

Medical equipment

The company is developing a 4-star hotel in the town of Vrbovsko, Primorsko-Goranska County, Croatia. The main idea behind the project is to develop a first 4-star Hotel in continental part of Primorsko-goranska county also known as Gorski Kotar. Primorsko-Goranska County is well known for its geographic diversity and climatic differences. The County consists of three specific units: Primorje – north adriatic cost; the islands – archipelago of 45 Kvarner islands and Gorski Kotar – the mountainous region. Gorski Kotar is famous for its beautiful mountain landscape, forests, mountain streams and rivers, clear lakes and caves.

The Hotel is in the final stage of development. Due to difficult economic situation and lack of funding, investor is seeking a strategic partner. The project is divided into two phases. Majority of outdoor and indoor construction work was completed in the first phase. Investor and bank creditor invested more than EUR 5 million in the first phase, which accounts for more than 80% of the total investment. In the second phase additional investment is required. New capital will be used for purchasing hotel equipment and landscaping. After additional funding, hotel can open its doors in a three-month time.