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Representative Office

Representative office in Croatia may be set up by a foreign company in order to conduct exclusive activities of market research, promotion
and representation of its founder. Representative office is not a legal entity and is not permitted to generate income.

Representative Office Registration

Representative office in Croatia must be registered with the Ministry of Economy, Foreign Party Representative Registry. Foreign entity that wishes to establish its representative office in Croatia should submit an application containing:

  • company name, headquarters and business activity of the founder
  • headquarters of the representative office in Croatia
  • basic information concerning the party responsible for the representative office activity (name, surname, place of residence, identity card number, certificate of nationality number or passport number for Croatian citizens and, for foreign citizens, passport number and the country that issued it)
  • description of the representative office activities

Following documents should be submitted together with the application:

  • decision of the founder concerning the establishment of a representative office containing the representative office name and headquarters
  • decision on the appointment of the person responsible for the representative office activities (manager)
  • excerpt from the commercial register in the country of origin or any other valid document on establishment under the regulations of the country where the founder’s headquarters are (legal form of incorporation date of the foreign company should be clearly stated in the document)
  • receipt for paid administration fee in the amount of HRK 1,000

All documents should be submitted in the original language with a certified translation into Croatian. Representative office will be registered within 30 days of receiving complete application forms and documents.