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Land Acquisition

A foreign national can acquire real estate in Croatia if there is also a reciprocal opportunity for a Croatian national in the country of the foreign national and upon procuring the consent issued by the Ministry of Justice. A foreign national may establish a company in Croatia that can, as a domestic legal entity, purchase real estate without any restriction.
The ownership and possession status of the real estate can be determined by accessing the Land Registry and Cadastre at the Municipal Court.

After real estate has been purchased and contracts signed, ownership of the land should be registered in the land registry.

In order to register ownership the following documentation should be submitted to the land registry department of a Municipal Court:

  • application form (available at the land registry department of the Municipal Court)
  • purchase contract (original) with the signature of the seller
  • Permission to Register the Property, if not included in the purchase contract
  • proof of citizenship for natural persons, or receipt from the Court registry for legal persons (not older than 30 days)
  • evidence of paid administration fee in the amount of HRK 250.

After the registration has been carried out, the owner will receive an ownership certificate.

More detailed information on the procedure for getting consent for the acquisition of property rights to foreign citizens and foreign legal entities as well as information on reciprocity can be found on the Web site of the Ministry of Justice.