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In general there are 3 types of residence titles in Croatia:

  • Visa (Schengen visa or national visa)
  • Residence permit (temporary stay)
  • Settlement permit (permanent stay)

There are also 2 types of work permits:

  • Stay and work permit
  • Work registration certificate

The Labour Act in Croatia governs the following issues:

  • labour relations – a legal basis is established through a work contract, the form and content of the contract are defined by the Act;
  • working hours – 40 hours per week; vacations and other leave – at least 4 weeks of vacation;
  • forms of protection in case of maternity leave; forms of protection in case of temporary or permanent worker disability;
  • wages – the employer cannot pay less than defined by a collective agreement, forms of protection of employees in case of bankruptcy are defined, etc.;
  • termination of the work contract – the procedure for termination, reasons for a regular and irregular notice of dismissal, procedure in case of redundancy;
  • employee council – employees’ rights to participate in the decision-making process concerning their economic and social rights and interests through representatives on the employee council.

The labour relations, rights and obligations of the employers and employees, can also be determined by a collective agreement contracted between one or more employers or an association of employers on the one part, and one or more labour unions on the other part. These agreements can also contain regulations for employment, the procedure for the termination of labour relations etc.