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Non-refundable Aid for Capital Investment Projects

Non-refundable aid can be granted for capital investment projects larger than 5 million EUR with the condition that they create at least 50 new jobs.



Investment amount

Number of new jobs created County unemployment rate Investment amount (as a percentage of the eligible costs of purchasing long-term assets)

≥ € 5 million

≥ 50

10-20 % 10 %, not exceeding € 0.5 million
above d 20 % 20 %, not exceeding € 1 million


Eligible costs of capital investment projects:

  • construction costs of a new factory, production facility or tourism facility,
  • costs of purchasing new machinery, production equipment.

Part of the investment in machinery/equipment must equal at least 40% of the total investment and at least 50% of purchased machinery/equipment must be high-tech.