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Board of Directors

Vjeran Vrbanec became the President of HAMAG-BICRO’s Board of Directors in May 2016. As a Bachelor of Law, came to the Agency from the position of the Head of the Administrative Department in the Međimurje County, where he also managed the Legal Service.

He held the position of the Chairman of the Administrative Council in the Centre Dr. Rudolf Steiner and the member of the Administrative Council of the Museum of Međimurje Region in Čakovec and Administrative Council of Čakovec Pharmacy. In April 2004, he passed the bar examination administered by the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Croatia. Vrbanec received university education at the Faculty of Law, University of Zagreb, after which he worked in the real sector for several years.

Marijana Oreb was appointed the member of the Board of Directors in May 2016 from the position of the Director of the Financial Instruments Division of HAMAG-BICRO, the post she held since 2010.

She acquired significant experience in financial portfolio management as an assistant of the member of the Managing Board in Hypo-Leasing Kroatien d.o.o., where she spent eight years. She gained experience in the real sector immediately after the Faculty of Tourism and Foreign Trade in Dubrovnik. Today she focuses her business interest on financial management and control of EU funds.

Mario Turalija was appointed the Deputy President of the Board of Directors in February 2019 after holding the position of the member of the Board of Directors for two years. He came to HAMAG-BICRO from the position of Deputy Minister in the Ministry of Enterpreneuership and Craft. He was born in 1977 and graduated at the Faculty of Economics, University of Osijek. Mr. Turalija possesses significant experience in real sector, especially in banking.

He developed his managerial skills on leading positions in EURCO ltd. company from Vinkovci, brewery Daruvar and Splitska bank. From 2010 untill 2016 he was member of the Board of Directors and general manager in hotel Vukovar. With his extensive experience in work with small companies and bigger corporations, in negotiations and consultancy regarding risk products in banking sector, Mario Turalija will make an important contribution to successful management of HAMAG-BICRO Agency.